"Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth."

-Pablo Picasso

About my Work

My work tends toward the abstract. Sometimes I justify it by discussing how readily available true copies of appearing life are in our modern society. In the past if you wanted to pass down the visual knowledge of a person or event you had to commit it by hand to a less transient incarnation. This has obviously changed to perhaps the near opposite extreme, where we now have the ability to see far away in real time, share instantly, record exactly, and even create moving images so lifelike that we can glimpse into the distant past, potential future, impossible alternatives.

A lot of people ask what "it is", when they look at an abstract artwork. With that perspective there is a duality between us and our experience of the work. It is my wish that people can view my work as their own, with their impressions as valid truths of each piece. This is what I do when I create it, allowing each piece to "be its own", so to speak. I embrace the fleeting impressions I have of each when naming them.