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Adi and Justin

Residency at Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam

October 6th- December 16th

During my time at Leigh Square, I will be working on constructing a body of work out of the fabric of the community, literally. In the "Abstracted Quilt" series I am interested in re-purposing materials and investigating usage and waste, reflecting the modern material abundance through the lens of traditional textile practices. Each piece is first sewn together our of various, community-donated fabric or clothes. This quilt is stretched like a traditional canvas, then painted, and embellished with beads and embroidery. Come by Leigh Square 10-3 Monday through Friday (excluding Thursday) to see how the pieces are made, or to drop off clothes or fabric for use in the series. To arrange pick-up for your fabric contact me.

Chocolate Art Pairing

October 9th, November 6th and 27th

This interactive discussion will present participants with images of art, paired with gourmet chocolate. Without disclosing names and labels, the art and chocolate will be experienced in the context of each other. The flavours, styles, textures and subtleties of each will be explored, leading us to discover our own unique sense of taste.

Tasting menu created in collaboration with Xoxolat

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Still-Life "Potluck" Workshops

Saturdays, October 18th (Drawing) and 25th (Painting) ($50)

All levels are invited to participate in these energetic and informal art sessions. Participants are asked to bring an unusual item; items will be arranged into a unique still life set-up we will interpret with our medium of choice. A short presentation on the still life throughout art history will be given, followed by individual and group demonstrations. Suggested materials lists are available upon registration. Those interested in a new medium are encouraged to attend and will be given individual instruction. Registration is required.

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Parent-Toddler Abstract Painting

October 9th through November 13 (6 sessions, $72)

In this series we will collaborate with our little ones making abstract drawings and paintings. Focusing on exploration and experimentation, kids will learn about mixing colors and using pencils and brushes, and adults will discuss techniques and materials. Parent participation required. Materials provided. Registration is required.

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