"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed."

-William Blake

Abstracted Quilts

In the "Abstracted Quilt" series I am interested in re-purposing materials and investigating usage and waste, reflecting the modern material abundance through the lens of traditional textile practices. The clothing, fabric and paint were variously rejected (as worn out, damaged or mistinted) but retain their practical value, and as such the pieces reflect the practice of quilting.

Each piece is a picture as well as a collection, a grouping of previously unrelated articles. As a result of this re-purposing, the materials change function, meaning and identity. Many of the clothing pieces particularly press this dynamic. So familiar to us in a different context, they oscillate between abstract shapes and objective articles.

If you are in the Vancouver area, and are interested in donating clothing for future pieces, please e-mail me at . Thank you!

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Crazy Quilt, Stripes

fabric, acrylic, upholstery rope, embroidery, beads, 46 x 54"

Crazy Quilt, Tomatoes

fabric, acrylic, upholstery rope, embroidery, beads, 46 x 54"

Acid Washed

fabric, acrylic, upholstery rope, beads, 32 x 43"

Desert Sunrise

fabric, acrylic, upholstery rope, embroidery, beads, 42 x 50"

Sari Squares

fabric, acrylic, embroidery, 25 x 40"

Suffused With Silver

fabric, acrylic, embroidery, beads, 46 x 54"

Crop Circles

fabric, acrylic, beads, 36 x 36"


fabric, pearls, 16 x 16"